Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BOGO Earrings at Dashery Jewelry!

All Earrings are Buy One Get One Free at Dashery Jewelry this week only!
Includes both Earrings and Earrings, Threaders categories!

This is Dashery Jewelry's weekly offer for the JET Holiday Sale on Etsy for Nov 27 though Dec 3.


Anonymous said...

The pieces of jewelry you have posted here aren’t the type I’m used to wearing but are none the less nice and unique. I like unique jewelry and jewelry you don’t see a lot of other people wearing. I own quite a few custom made tungsten carbide rings that really draw attention to themselves with their unique designs. I certainly wouldn’t mind trying a few of the pieces you have up here but I don’t know where to find them.

Unknown said...

Hi! These earrings are all in my Etsy Shop at http://dashery.etsy.com
Each of the pictures should be clickable to the item itself.