Friday, November 14, 2008

Fashion Friday: Scarves!

This Fashion Friday we are going to look at some fabulous scarves. I've been feel really sick lately and all of these beautiful handmade scarves look like they would be a warm hug around my neck.

From Kiss My Style, this chunky warm brown mixed scarf comes with a beautiful flower pin. Available at Kiss My

From Knits and Notions, this super long and skinny ruffled scarf is a pretty green. At 84 inches long, it would be fun to wrap it around and around and around my neck!
Available at
Knits and Thats for Crafty Cats Autumn Rains scarf looks so soft and fluffy! I love the color, too!
Available from

And speaking of color, checkout this High Times Scarflette from Lenox Knits. This would give last year's black coat that extra something something. It buttons on, so if you are the girl who is always getting the ends of your scarf caught in car doors and dunked in coffee, this is definitely the way to go. (And yes, both have happened to me.)
Available at

This Poppy Cowl is another great alternative to a lengthy scarf. I love how the ribs make this Lolo and Lily cowl look very modern.
Available from


Lenox Knits said...

Thanks so much for including my scarflette among such lovely scarves! It is definitely time to get out our coats and get a new scarf to brighten them up for the season.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, thanks for including Autumn Rains. These are all lovely, and of course, I can't help but lose myself in browsing all those wonderful shops :D

Meg said...

thank you so much for featuring me! You are the best my dear :)

Beadsme said...

Scarves. Mmmm cozy in the winter. here is one of my favourites but we are now getting into our hot summer.

Jersey Girl, Meatless Girl said...

OMG..I just saw this! Thanks for including my scarf!

Unknown said...

They're great!

I used to hate scarfs, but now they're a real help when I don't have time.

I just slip on a T-shirt, add a scarf that draws all the attention and suggest my T'shirt is plain to give the scarf the attention. LOL!

Jean9 said...

All of these scarfs are really great, its getting to be that time of the year!

Leslie said...

Wow! Those scarfs are fantastic! I found some new favorites. It*s starting to get chilly here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including my Poppy Cowl! Best wishes for a warm & cozy winter!

Rambler said...

I hv a handmade scarf just like the Autumn Rain scarf.. how spooky is that. :) Nice blog btw.