Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashion Friday- Lupus Awareness Jewelry

May is Lupus Awareness Month.

I happen to love purple- the color used to signify Lupus awareness and I have Lupus, so I thought this would be a great Fashion Friday topic. Here are some great handmade sellers that are raising money for Lupus organizations.

Fo-Shizzle Design Studios donates 100% of the proceeds of this "Lilies" bracelet to the Lupus Foundation of America. Plus she donates the proceeds from every 50th item to LFA.

Vanity Designs donates 10% of all purchases for Lupus related tiles to the Gulf Coast Lupus Foundation. This one is my favorite. It gives people a warning not to say that you look fine. :)

Human Touch Designs offers this sparkly bracelet with 30% going to the charity of the buyer's choice.

Rock 'n' Bauble's Tears of Lupus Awareness Necklace has 10% donated to Lupus research.

Jodi's Craft Emporium gives $4 to LFA for each $5 Lupus Awareness Ribbon she sells. The butterfly is really cute!
Karen's Creations has a cute butterfly too. Half of the price of this keychain go to LFA.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can effect many body systems. I plan to share my personal story later in the month, but you can find out more about Lupus at The Lupus Foundation of America's website at


Beadsme said...

Lovely picks. Hope you have your Lupus under control.

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

Hi, Purple is my favorite color (always has been)and I even go by that The Purple Lady.... and I've had Lupus for 6 years now. So nice to know that my favorite color is the hope color of lupus. Be well. Thanks for sharing the wonderful links.

The Purple Lady

Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique said...

Thanks for posting my bracelet!

I hope you are feeling well (enough) at this time. I know it's an uphill battle, every day of your life. Keep a smile on your face, keep hanging in there and always remember that you have a huge support group and are never alone. You can contact me any time if you need me to lend an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or a warm heart to comfort you.

I, too, have SLE (23 years).

Take care,

Mzz Thang,
Fo-Shizzle Design Studios

Victoria said...

Wonderful picks, and all for such a great cause!

Made By Tammy said...

Love your Fashion Friday!
Great Picks!

Blue Scarab Jewelry said...

dash you are so awesome for highlighting lupus awareness!

Michele said...

I love purple, nice of you to share and make us aware of Lupus, it does affect alot of people, have a cousin who has it.

Jerri said...

Beautiful jewelry for a great cause.

GrandmaMarilyn said...

Everything is so lovely. And, it has nothing to do with me loving purple. LOL

Dogmaw said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll be looking for some of these.

Meghann said...

Purple is also the color for fibromyalgia, which I also have. Great picks! Goooo Purple!!