Friday, August 21, 2009

Fashion Friday- Gray (am I crazy)

I'm usually the color girl- I love rich colors, unexpected combinations, brights, pastels, everything really! But lately I've been attracted to gray. Of course my favorite material in the world is silver and it's the metallic version of gray, so I guess I really shouldn't be quite so surprise by this new color obsession.

Beach Stone Necklace from Superior Stones at
Beach Stone Necklacce from Superior Stones on Etsy

Open Tweed Cardigan from Woolibear at
Open Tweed Cardigan in Gray from Woolibear on Etsy

Smoke Bracelet from Monkey Buns at
Smoke Bracelet from Monkey Buns on Etsy

Cute as a Button Bag from Breagha at
Cute as a Button Bag from Breagha on Etsy

Stormy Ocean Jasper Nest Ring from me at
Stormy Ocean Jasper Nest Ring By Dashery Jewelry on Etsy

By the way, I was loving Chris March's collection on Project Runway All Stars show last night with the charcoal hoods and gray plaids. (But I still think Korto's pieces were the best.)


capitalcitycrafts said...

super fashion sense here every week... great picks

Beadsme said...

Oh dear you featured a bag. No no no never show me bags or shoes. LMAO.

Metalicious said...

I love this color scheme, perfect New York!

Jerri said...

You have an award on my blog

Theresa said...

You have great taste as shown with your picks. The one thing I love about gray is the fact that it isn't as harsh as black and goes well with all colors...bright or mutes tones.

storybeader said...

great picks. That stone's hole is SO smooth!

WillOaks Studio said...

Don't apologize for liking gray!! As you have illustrated so's really a very beautiful "color!"

Lisa Lehmann @StudioJewel said...

love grey! love the post!

you rock!

Vhiel said...

I just started following your blog, I hope you can do the same.

have a great weekend!

Replica Jewelry said...

You have mixed all colors magically, they looks very attractive, i hope you will get a high rang of customers for this collection,
Best of luck and keep it up.

Michele said...

Very nice and I like grey also!

OV Gillies said...

Love Button Bag! - Great selection!

Made By Tammy said...

I love your Fashion Fridays! Awesome Picks!