Friday, June 20, 2008

My Studio by Dashery Jewelry: Part 1

I've decided to reorganize my studio.

My studio has been a mess ever since I moved into this house last Thanksgiving. First,it became the room where everything I hadn't decided where it belonged lived. Then, all that stuff made it's way to it's new permanent place throughout my house. I got back a studio room but it's a mess. It takes forever to make something when I get inspired because I have to sift through boxes, mumbling to myself "I know I have those _____ beads somewhere..."

These pictures are turning from left to right around the room.

My studio also is where I exercise, so the treadmill has to stay. And I think the furniture is in the best arrangement for the space that I have.

Check back next week for an update on my progress. :)

1 comment:

Made By Tammy said...

Looking good!!

Love how you have a space for your Light Up Tent!

I need to do that.